Our Vision

Passion ∙ Conceptulization ∙ Optimization ∙ Execution

A ‘Drink’ is not just a Tasty Beverage. It is a Culinary Experience! 

Our aim is to create Bars and Bar Concepts that provide
memorable Drink Experience for the customers, and
Good Profits for the Owners.

Bar Design

If you are opening your first Bar, or just expanding with a new concept, We can help. With experience in opening new bars in 3 different countries, We can provide our assistance at all levels, to ensure that your bar is exactly what you want it to be.

Menu Engineering

A well designed and tailored drinks menu can not only contribute significantly towards a wholesome experience, but also increase efficiency and profit. Whether it is an intimate cocktail bar, or a fine dine restaurant bar, We can create a drinks list that compliments the type, theme and concept of the venue.

Bar Layout & Organisation

The Bar is usually the biggest Net Profit generator in a restaurant, yet often there is very little emphasis put on Layout, Stocking and Organising the bar. Particularly, the bar work station where the drinks are made. A well designed and organised bar can increase efficiency significantly, by reducing service time, and increasing the number of drinks made. This not only increasing profits, but also provides a better service. BarSolution strongly believes that Every bar must be designed by a Bartender, for a Bartender! Making it perfect the first time itself will reduce cost and increase Profits.



A well trained team is the foundation of a good venue, and can make the whole difference between a good experience and a great one. Having trained Bar staff from different walks of life, We know how to get the best out of a team. Whether they have years of experience, or just a beginner, We can ensure they provide quality service.

About us


BarSolution was started to chase our mutual Dream of creating Bars around the world that provide Memorable Experiences, by delivering the highest level of service.

Having worked in some of the best Bars across Europe and Asia, we can provide you with not just our Knowledge and Experience, but also our Dedication towards delivering quality Service.

From creating Signature Drinks to suit the type and concept of your venue, to selecting Wines, Spirits and Non-Alcoholic beverages to offer, BarSolution focuses on creating a wholesome Drink Experience for Customers.

When it comes to ‘Behind the Scene’ Operations, we emphasise on establishing a Well Organised and Efficient System of Work, to facilitate Smooth Daily Operations, Cost Control and Profit Growth.

The ‘Menu’ is considered as the Steering Wheel of a Bar or Restaurant. A thoughtfully created and well-designed Drinks Menu can ensure that your Bar and Business are moving in the right direction.

‘People’ or ‘Intellectual Capital’ as we refer to it in today’s modern world, is the most important Resource of any Hospitality Business, but is also the most difficult Resource to control. A well-trained and enthusiastic Bar Team is the core of every successful Bar. Having trained Bar Staff from different Cultural Backgrounds across 3 different Continents, we understand how to Train and Motivate Bar Staff to bring out the best in them.

At BarSolution, we are extremely passionate about the work we do, and we are always striving to

find Creative, Efficient, Sustainable and Profitable ways to deliver a Bar Service that goes beyond the guests’ expectations, thus creating ‘A Memorable Experience.



London, UK

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